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hungry house

Nov 14 2011

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Hungry house

This blog post is not about a house that is hungry but instead about people who are in a house who are hungry. Please read with care.

It’s a most common problem, one that at some time had effected every house hold in England, Scotland and wales if not the entire planet.

You are at home in your house and you become hungry. Nightmare. You go to the fridge and you see that its empty, you look through the cupboards and notice that they too are empty other than a tin of strange meat which you do not dare eat. You sit back down in front of the TV for 5 minutes then get back up and re check the fridge. Its still empty, you repeat this process a number of times until you are too weak to do it again. This ladies and gentlemen is the effect of hungry house and it can cause great pain and sadness to all those who have to live with this problem.

But fear not, there is a solution, a simple solution one that has been kept a secret for some time, and in order to access to the solution to your hungry house problem you need to engage with both your belly and you brain at the same time and think smart.

The answer to to the problem is very simple indeed when you have a hungry house just simply click on one of the banners displayed on this site and order takeaway online from anyone of the available takeaways, pay on your card or simply with a wad of change that you have found down the back of your sofa and before you know it HEY PRESTO a nice tasty takeaway has arrived on your doorstep.

We do hope that this public service announcement / blog post will help you out, it is strongly suggested that you bookmark this page and share it with friends on Facebook and twitter to ensure that we together can solve this first world problem once and for all.

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